When we learned that we had been named one of the 50 best places to work in Quebec, we were humbled but not surprised 😀. We are so proud of our team and what we have built together. We asked some of our team members to tell us why they love working at Jonar and here’s what they said: 

  1. The people!!! Different backgrounds, different cultures, different passions coming together to make a community that genuinely cares about each other and what they do. 
  2. Great place to start your career and grow it with opportunities for people who want to try different things. 
  3. Tuesday morning staff meetings - the one time every week when we get to see everyone’s faces and spend some quality time learning, team-building, and having fun. 
  4. Work-life balance is a priority for us - no ridiculous working hours or expectations.
  5. We have an office dog!!
  6. Collaborative team-based environment where we work hard but also have fun - we take our work seriously, but don't take ourselves seriously.
  7. Pretty much everyone goes through our internship program - it’s the way we build and grow our team. Several of our Senior Managers and Directors started out as interns! 
  8. We rolled with the COVID punches. We made sure everyone had everything they needed to work comfortably and productively at home.
  9. No official performance reviews - instead “in the moment” feedback is prioritized and yearly career trajectory talks help make sure everyone is on track to reach their goals.
  10. We celebrate anything and everything we can: the big, the small, the wins, and even the learnings when we don’t succeed at something.
  11. Long-standing tradition of fresh Montreal bagels & cream cheese after our weekly staff meeting. 
  12. We've got a pretty bold mission and vision to disrupt an industry that needs change - the ERP space.
  13. The feeling that your team and the company have your back and want you to thrive both personally and professionally.
  14. Paid vacation available in your first year of employment.
  15. You can clearly see the impact of your work - from how it affects your colleagues, the product, and our customers.
  16. We don’t just hire fresh grads, but people changing careers or trying to break into the Canadian job market as well. 
  17. We don’t have to spend outrageous amounts of money to buy suits and ties - whether we’re in the office or working remotely, we come to work with the everyday clothes we already own.
  18. Working here feels like being part of a family. And, several people who work here actually are… we’ve got a mother and daughter, a pair of brothers and a couple of married couples. 
  19. Failure is something we learn from, not something we’re ashamed of.
  20. The ability to show up and be your authentic self. We’re all different and unique and yet everyone feels like they belong
  21. When we return to the office, we have a brand new renovated space with different areas to work - private telephone booths, a big, bright kitchen, collaborative spaces, a rooftop terrace, and more. 
  22. We’re encouraged and challenged to constantly think deeper and go beyond the basic requirements of any task. 
  23. A mental health worker (and other health professionals) are available at the tips of your fingers 24/7 through Dialogue, 100% funded by Jonar.
  24. No micromanagement, no commands from above. Everyone has a say in the work we do.
  25. We have many social gatherings and activities, like regular Happy Hours, to keep the team connected and engaged.
  26. If there’s a specific skill you want to learn or a course you want to take, you can make a case for it.
  27. We have a full-time Happiness Hero whose role consists of ensuring our staff’s happiness.
  28. Our office is easily accessible - we’re less than a 10 minutes walk away from a Metro station and have a bus stop right in front of the building!
  29. We have Slack channels to connect over our personal interests (like food, meditation, and music) not just our work.
  30. We recognize and highlight the team and individual achievements/accomplishments in meaningful ways. 
  31. Mental health and wellness are treated with the same value and respect as physical health. 
  32. Best coffee in town.
  33. We live and breathe our company values every day - it’s not just a plaque on the wall.
  34. Interns don't work on make-work projects -  they work on real projects with real deliverables that have real impact. 
  35. Our Services team works hand in hand with our customers to help them implement and use our software. Those relationships are at the core of their day-to-day jobs so whether they are positive or negative, our team knows that they will get the support they need. 
  36. One of our values is honesty and we try to infuse it into everything we do, from our transparent pay structure to our team retrospectives and beyond. 
  37. As a small business ourselves, we have dedicated ourselves to helping support other small businesses.
  38. Each person is valued as a worker but as a human too. Our whole HR philosophy is to treat humans as humans. 
  39. We use the Agile methodology, which means our retrospectives allow us to take a step back and analyze how things went in order to constantly improve. 
  40. Generous benefits plan takes some of the stress out of going to the dentist! 
  41. Each quarter, we have the opportunity to nominate a values ambassador - the team member who best represents all of our company’s values. The winner gets loads of positive vibes and their name on a plaque. 
  42. In our culture of learning, every mistake is an opportunity, every co-worker is a teacher. 
  43. Bi-weekly check-ins when you’re an intern mean you get constant feedback that can help you correct any issues. 
  44. We hire based on future trajectory instead of past experience. 
  45. Some of our alumni have gone on to work at places like Google, Morgan Stanley, Ubisoft, Unity, Lightspeed, European Space Agency, etc...
  46. Fast-paced environment where things are constantly changing and we’re always testing new ideas. No day is ever the same, no matter which department you work in.  
  47. All new team members benefit from a rigorous training plan that aims to get you working fast and learn by doing. 
  48. We run quarterly social activities to get the team together outside of the office. Pre-COVID, we did things like curling, a ghost tour of Old Montreal, a night at an old-school arcade, and a cooking class.
  49. Our Development team is constantly evolving our technology resources and tools so that they are on the leading edge of the coding world. 
  50. Our CEO has an open-door policy and he works hard to be accessible and approachable to all staff.