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Treating people like people

Our Culture

At Jonar, we’re never satisfied with the status quo. We’re constantly finding new and better ways of doing things. We’re driven by achieving great things. We’re dedicated to building a great team. We’re serious about having fun, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We’re focused on building relationships and treating each other like family. We’re risk takers and we’re not afraid to make mistakes. We’re passionate about learning and growing, both personally and professionally. We’re about being open and honest and clear. And, we’re pretty excited to be part of something awesome.

Our Mission

We don’t think that powerful tools need to be hard to operate. So, we are a software company that aspires to make awesome enterprise tools that are a pleasure to use. We want our users to love our products because those products make their daily lives better in a real way. We want our partners to be proud to be associated with us. We never want to be satisfied with the status quo. And we use the word “we” so much because without our team, everything else would be meaningless.


Here's the deal with internships @ Jonar


What do you want to be (or not to be)?

Some people want to be architects, some want to be doctors, others want to be lawyers. That’s not how we think. We want to work on things that matter. We want to be honest. We want to be part of something great. We don’t measure success by what we do but by how we got there and why we did it.

Here at Jonar, we’re always on the lookout for people who know they want to be part of something awesome. So, you won’t be asked about what you want to be. We want to know what you want to learn and how you want to grow.


We don't care about where you've been

Worried about not having previous experience? Don’t. We don’t care about that. Past opportunities shouldn’t limit future possibilities. And they shouldn’t determine your potential.

Our team is a collection of people with a wide range of skills and experiences. We’ve got a designer with a political science degree and a marketer who studied psychology. And, we’ve got civil and chemical engineers building software.

Basically, we’re not too concerned about where you’ve been. What we do care about, however, is what drives and motivates you.


You’ll work on real projects

From building the interface for the security module in Paragon, to building reports that customers really use, interns works on real projects that have an impact on real people. We believe in the importance of equipping people by providing them with meaningful projects. So, your internship won’t include picking up the slack or wasting time with busy-work. In fact, the only coffee you’ll be fetching is your own! You’ll be given real-life challenges and be tasked with finding innovative solutions.

Interns don’t get treated as second-class citizens here. You’ll be a valued member of the team whose input is as respected as a seasoned professional.


You’ll work with experienced people

At Jonar, we’re a team. So, you’ll work with inspiring people who care about what they do and want to help you achieve your goals. You’ll work with a team who values the opinions of others, takes pride in collective accomplishments and is enabled through imagination. And, you’ll work with a team who’s always got your back.


You’ll learn more than you ever imagined

We don’t like to make promises we can’t keep. But if there’s one thing we can promise, it’s that you’ll learn more than you ever imagined. We’re not just talking about learning about the ERP industry or deepening your knowledge in your field of interest. We’re talking about growing and developing skills you never thought you had. We’re talking about all those things you thought you’d learn at university, but didn’t. Besides, who said you have to stop learning once you left university, anyway?

We approach everything we do with a growth mindset. We don’t mind taking on the role of the student, because it means everything is an opportunity to learn. We frequently deconstruct our experiences to see what worked and what didn’t. We’ll push you to step outside of your comfort zone and tackle difficult problems, and we like to use the “see one, do one, teach one” approach to do so.


We’ll tailor your experience to fit you

No two internships are the same, because no two people are the same.

We want to know what interests you and what you want to get out of the experience. Then, we’ll tailor the experience so that it’s the perfect ensemble of projects that interest you, projects we need a hand with and projects that we think you’ll learn a lot from.

Then, every few weeks, we’ll check in to make sure you’re on track. We call these discussions (not surprisingly) “checkins,” but they’re really a two-way discussion about how you’re doing, how we’re doing and how you can get the most out of your experience.


Everyone starts out as an intern

Everyone goes through our paid internship program at Jonar.

We know how nerve-wracking it can be to commit to something long-term. So, the internship period is as much of an opportunity for you to get to know us as it is for us to get to know you. And if all goes well, there’s a potential to join the team full-time at the end of it.