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“Sometimes we personalize our products based on a customer's specific requirements or needs.”

How Paragon helps:

Using the custom BOM functionality in Paragon, this company can set up each blank jersey as a product in Paragon (for which inventory can be tracked). When the jersey is added to a quote, they can edit the custom BOM of the jersey to add any print or embroidery labor and costs.
When the jersey is added to a quote, they can edit the custom BOM of the jersey to add any print or embroidery labor and costs.

“I want to be notified whenever I attempt to purchase less than the minimum order quantity that my supplier requires.”

How Paragon helps:

In Paragon, rules allow you to change the behavior of the software to suit your specific needs without having to change the software itself. The florist can use the Rules Wizard to create a rule, edit the rule’s details, and also determine the condition that triggers the system to issue a notification without ever writing a line of code.

“I sell different products in one bundle. Based on which one my customer selects, I need my system to tell me which product must be added to their order to complete the bundle.”

How Paragon helps:

ParagonERP has the ability to group items together using associations. The shop owner is therefore able to link all the items (like the tripod, USB cable, and  power cable) to the reference product ‒ in this case, the camera ‒ so that the system understands the connection between the products.

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A fully synchronized backend for Amazon FBA sellers

Not just another Amazon integration

Inventory management

Infinite SKUs and limitless customizable attributes cater to all business sizes.

Automatic inventory synchronization means you always fulfill on time and never miss a potential sale.

Put an end to overstocking. ParagonERP 

has been built to streamline your Amazon 
selling experience.


Advanced accounting module already built in, no middleware required. 

Manages assets and liabilities automatically, while also taking care of your transactional business.

Live, up-to-the-minute margin calculators, automated workflows, infinite layers of nested GL accounts, up to the moment inventory costing, automated inventory valuation. 

Fulfillment by Amazon

ParagonERP for Amazon will automatically sync as Amazon fulfills your sales orders. It tracks FBA quantities so you always know where your inventory is.

Send automatic shipping notices so 

you know when to send more products 
to Amazon.

Unlock new sales opportunities by selling on FBA without worrying about over-shipping or not having enough stock to fulfill your orders.

Affordable, transparent pricing

$190/user per month for ParagonERP for Amazon

One monthly fee
All features and updates included
No hidden upfront costs
No conditions or surprises
No long term contracts

Get ParagonERP for Amazon at the discounted price of $150/user per month for the first 6 months.

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Our full-featured, Cloud-based ERP is completely automated and mapped to match Amazon's configuration so installation is simple, accurate and takes only minutes.

Paragon adapts to your business, instead of the other way around. That is unprecedented in ERP land. It means it can meet business requirements in terms of terminology used, product attributes, associations, rules, etc. Also, the implementation time is very short and the software is very intuitive. This means that you're up and running in a very short time.

Hessel K.

Paul V.

Robust rules engine makes it easy to automate any task you can think of. 
The software was clearly designed with mobile users in mind. Multi-platform and cloud compatibility means that it can be used how-, where-, when-, and on what-ever we want, which lets us get creative.

Daniel S.

Simplicity, uniformity, ability to add attributes to shape your own business taxonomy in the package. The fact that it is cloud-based helps to be an enterprise without complex pieces of iron and a minimal need for internal IT. Efficient and effective process, transparency, cost savings.

Value For Money

Ease of Use

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Schedule a customized demo with one of our experts, or get in touch to learn more about Paragon.

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