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We're a team that makes amazing software delivered by amazing people

And we try to have some fun along the way because... well, why wouldn't we?

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Our story

Since the dawn of time, or at least the dawn of enterprise software, ERP has been an integral part of running any company. But ERP sucks. And while it touches the lives of millions, it isn’t getting any better.

So, after 30 years in the business, we knew it was time for change. That’s why we went back to the drawing board to build a system from the ground up. We made a list of all the things that people hate about bad ERP and designed a solution to address them. From there, ParagonERP was born.

Who we are defines what we do

What we care about.

We believe in respectfully asking questions. Just because something has always been done a certain way is not a reason to keep doing it that way. We try to learn from our mistakes (we do make some) and always do better.

Our values guide our products.

At the core of our values is the recognition that people are people, not users or resources. That means including empathy in our product design. It also means that we worry about how things should work so that the people who use our software don't have to.

Challenging the accepted wisdom.

New is not necessarily better, but new information should make us question what we previously thought to be true. That doesn't mean we should automatically discard these ideas, but we shouldn't unreasonably hold onto them either.

Who we do this for.

The rules of business are changing. For those that acknowledge that and want to be part of the change, we work for you. Change is typically pretty tough, and we want to make it easier.

Want to be part of something awesome?

Whether you are interested in our software or looking for a job or just want to say hi, we want to hear from you.