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We treat people like humans, not resources.


Our culture.

At Jonar, we’re never satisfied with the status quo. We’re constantly finding new and better ways of doing things. We’re driven to achieve great things. We’re dedicated to building a great team. We’re serious about having fun, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We’re risk takers and we’re not afraid to make mistakes. We’re passionate about learning and growing, both personally and professionally. And, we’re pretty excited to be part of something awesome.

Our Internship Program

We know how nerve-wracking it can be to commit to something long-term. Whether you're looking for a career change or are fresh out of school, the internship program is designed for you to get to know us as much as it is for us to get to know you. And if all goes well, there’s a potential to join the team full-time at the end of it.


Our team.

Our team is at the core of everything we do. We find innovative solutions to real-life problems. Working at Jonar is working with a team who values the opinions of others, takes pride in collective accomplishment, and is empowered through imagination. 

Regardless of the position of the individuals, we value openness, cooperation and collaboration between members of our team. That means that whether you’re an intern, a manager or a CEO, everyone at Jonar has a voice.
we're big on learning-image

We're big on learning.

We approach everything with a growth mindset – constantly learning and iterating – and we’re not afraid of making mistakes or failing. In fact, we think there is value in failure, so we’ve created a fail-safe environment. That isn’t to say that we have mechanisms in place to completely prevent mistakes or failure, and we by no means push people to fail. Rather, we try to gain from these experiences and create an environment in which failure is an experience to learn from. In our books, failure isn’t necessarily a negative thing.
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Rules aren’t carved in stone. Everything is a work in progress.

Besides the fact that we’re on a mission to make awesome enterprise tools, there isn’t much else set in stone. Everything at Jonar is a work in progress, and until we think of something better, we approach things the way we do because it’s the best way we’ve come up with so far. We recognize that there is always room for improvement, so our processes are iterative – each cycle aims to be an improvement from the last.

We’re always looking for new and innovative ideas, nd better ways of doing things. So, if you hav, we want to hear it.


The fundamentals

Unlimited Sick Days

Unlimited sick days

When you’re sick, the last thing you want to be thinking about is whether or not you still have days off available. When you’re sick, you need rest and get better, it’s that simple.

Comprehensive health insurance

Comprehensive health insurance (including dental)

Jonar offers multiple plans including a single, couple and family plan (100% covered by Jonar).

Access to 24/7 telemedicine

Access to 24/7 telemedicine

A mental health worker (and other health professionals) are available at the tips of your fingers 24/7 through Dialogue, 100% funded by Jonar.

Vcation in your first year

Vacation in your first year

We want to ensure that all employees have enough time off to rest, recharge, and spend time with loved ones.


Work-life balance

Work-life balance is a priority for us. So there's no ridiculous working hours or expectations.


Travel insurance

No one wants to be stressed when they're on vacation. So, we've got you covered with travel insurance 100% covered by us!

The extra stuff


Office dog

What more is there to say? Our office dog Obi is the most popular person at the office

no micromanagement

There's no commands from above. Everyone has a say in the work we do.

No micromanagement

lots of social events

We celebrate anything and everything we can: the big, the small, the wins, and even the learnings when we don’t succeed at something.

Lots of social events

bagel tuesday

In a time before the pandemic, we had a long-standing tradition of fresh Montreal bagels & cream cheese after our weekly staff meeting.

Bagel Tuesdays

impact on small business

You can clearly see the impact of your work - from how it affects your colleagues, the product, and our customers.

Have an impact on small business everywhere

newly renovated office

We have a brand new renovated space with different areas to work - private telephone booths, a big, bright kitchen, collaborative spaces, a rooftop terrace, and more.

Newly renovated office

no stressful performance

We're not fans of yearly performance reviews. Not only are they stressful, they also provide little value if you have to wait a full year before you get any real feedback on your work. We much prefer giving in the moment feedback as well as bi-monthly check-ins.

No stressful performance reviews

life long friends

We know it sounds kind of trite, but it's true. We hire great people and even after team members move on to other opportunities, those bonds remain strong.

Life long friends

Where the magic happens

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