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Our mission

We don’t think that powerful tools need to be hard to operate. So, we are a software company that aspires to make awesome enterprise tools that are a pleasure to use. We want our users to love our products because those products make their daily lives better in a real way. We never want to be satisfied with the status quo. And we use the word “we” so much because without our team, everything else would be meaningless.

What we care about

Learning from our mistakes.

While software might be our thing, we’re still human: we make mistakes but we always try to learn from them. After all, a mistake is only a failure if you don't learn from it.

Challenging the status quo.

At Jonar, we’re never satisfied with the status quo. We’re constantly finding new and better ways of doing things. We keep questioning things even (especially) if someone says it's impossible.

Treating people like people.

No two people are the same and we know companies are equally unique. We want to make people's lives better in a real way. So we don't take a one size fits all approach.

Values guiding our products

Our values are more than words on a wall. They truly mean something to us. Over the years, they have helped us stay true to who we are and what we want to achieve. These values not only guide our team, they also guide how we build our products.

Our journey to democratize ERP

We're here to make people's daily lives better and help companies of all sizes realize their potential. We know every business wants to grow and better serve their customers - and we want to help them achieve that. No matter what size they are, how many years they've been in business, or what industry they're in.


Just because something is powerful, doesn't mean it has to be complicated.

We don't believe in unnecessarily complicating things. Our goal is to make people's lives easier and better in a real way. That's why:

• We take a skeumorphism approach to design - meaning our software mimics objects in the real world, making it easier to navigate.
• We build software that is flexible and customizable so it works for our customers' needs today and as they grow and change.
• Our software pricing is simple, transparent and affordable.
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Driven by a desire to make people's lives better.

Beyond making us feel good, our passion is what helps us fight harder, even in times of challenges. It's what helps us determine what really matters and keeps us on that course. Our desire to make people's lives better is what makes us believe we can do amazing things and translates in everything we do.


Challenging accepted wisdom

When we started our journey to create a cloud-based ERP that people would love, we were told it couldn't be done. We were told it would be impossible to make something so complex into something... simple.

Taking a leap of faith into unchartered waters doesn't happen on it's own. We needed to build a team that would support us and push us even further than we knew we could go. A team that was emboldened by the unknown, crazy enough to try something deemed "impossible" and teach themselves things that don't even exist yet.

What seemed scary at first has shaped who we are. We challenge everything. We challenge each other. And we're experienced enough to not be afraid of trying new things.
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Who we do this for

Up until a few years ago, ERPs were almost exclusively reserved for larger companies. While this contributed to these massive companies only getting bigger and bigger, it purposefully excluded the smaller players who couldn't afford these systems.

As a small company ourselves, that didn't sit well with us.

We dreamed of a solution that would work for every type of business, at every level of affordability. We didn't just want to help these smaller players stay competitive, we wanted to help them grow. We wanted to level the playing field and stand up for those who had been forgotten - no matter their size or what they sold.

So, we decided to make a change and go against the industry status quo. While we were at it, we took everything that companies hated about their ERP systems and worked on fixing those too. From there, ParagonERP was born.