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    Lessons learned from 50 years of toiling away

    When I started my career, the goal was to stay with the same company for the rest of your working life. You fought to hold on to your job, even if you didn’t really like it. After a couple of bad work experiences early in my career, I found a company that treated me like a person, with appreciation and respect. Saying yes to a job at Jonar was the best decision I have made. That was 26 years ago.

  • CEO

    Why being an asshole does not make you a good boss

    When I first started managing people, the common wisdom was that the less certainty someone had in their job, the more that fear would drive them to produce. I was told that familiarity bred contempt and that I should never open up to my employees.

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    Leading with Impostor Syndrome

    This is the story of how, just six months after graduation, I became the Senior Manager of a team of 10 business analysts - all of whom had more experience than I did. As if that wasn’t daunting enough, there was a person on the team who constantly doubted my capabilities and underestimated the value I brought. That person was me. And that's how my relationship with impostor syndrome began.